St. Monica Parish

St. Monica Parish
Why I Pray! Jesus is present in the Tabernacle. He promised to never leave us and his promise is true.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday July 1 - Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus said to the synagogue official, "Do not be afraid; just have faith." (Gospel from St. Mark)

When I heard these words, it was as if Jesus spoke them to me, personally. There is much in this world to be afraid of, much to fear, much that is unknown. But Jesus tells us to "just have faith." How simple!! I make my life so complicated and yet Jesus calls me to simplicity. In so many passages and in so many ways, He promises me that all will work for good if I "just have faith." But what do I do? I become "doubting Thomas" and think that since I have free will I must take the burden on my shoulders, make the decisions, and go forward - sinking or swimming. Instead in reflection I realize that these words are asking me to let go and let Jesus take care of it. These words tell me to relax, have faith, trust, don't worry, believe; Jesus is in charge - NOT ME!! How great is that!! And you know what? When I do just that, all does work out in God's way and in His perfect time and then I really realize what a waste of time worrying is!! Blessings to all and believe!! "Just have faith!!"

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