St. Monica Parish

St. Monica Parish
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Discover the Gifts from God

We too often journey through our day and never notice the gifts that God is giving to us. The love that is wrapped around each and everyone of those gifts.

I spent most of my life blind, deaf, and dumb. I wanted what I wanted and the world revolved around me and not God or others. By God's grace, I have slowly opened my eyes, my ears, and my heart to the wonders of God's creation and have begun discovering the gifts from my Lord, my Creator, my Redeemer. His love is awesome!

About a year ago we decided to find a new home that would be big enough for my daughter's family of five and my husband and me. First we spent a year trying to sell my daughter's home which was too small for both families. In that time another home big enough for both families was found. By the time it seemed as if my daughter's home would sell, the owner of that home took his house off the market. Then my daughter's home sold. Before the closing occurred, another home came on the market that was the right price and had enough room for both families. Not in our time do all things work out, but in God's time. We can become anxious and worried and eager for events to occur, but all we do is cause angst for ourselves. In this one event, I now see God's loving care holding us and guiding us through the process and working with our worries and concerns. His love is beyond anything we can begin to imagine in this life!!

Our wants are always temporary. Nothing in our lives lasts very long. We can long for the big house, nice car, great children, good friends, and companion to see us through the thick and thin of life, but nothing will give us what we are truly longing for and that longing is something that lasts forever. Only God can give us that. The big house eventually needs repairs. The nice car gets old and needs to be replaced. The children grow up and go their way whether we like that way or not. The good friends move or change or become distant. The lifelong companion may grow old in ways totally unexpected. Nothing in life lasts forever. All can and will change for good or for bad. Only God stays the same. Stays madly in love with us humans amid all our deficiencies. He alone knows us well and, yet, still loves us.

Many of us squander our lives on people, places and things that will turn to dust and eventually be gone forever. How much time does it take to acknowledge our God and thank him for the gifts? Ask for the blessings and He will freely give them. Once your eyes are opened, and your ears hear, and your heart beats with the rhythm of His great love, nothing in life will ever be the same. For you will then see the gifts! They may not be the bigger home or better car. They may simply be the smile of a child, a hug from a friend, a word of encouragement, a sunny, breezy day, or even just a beautiful sunset. Look for the gifts and discover LOVE!!

God bless!!

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