St. Monica Parish

St. Monica Parish
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Why should we not endure evil? - Job

In today's Liturgy of the Hours readings, St. Gregory the Great comments on the readings from the book of Job -
"Whoever, in the moment of receiving God’s gifts but forgets to fear possible affliction, will be brought low by his presumption. Equally, whoever in the moment of suffering fails to take comfort from the gifts which it has been his lot to receive, is thrown down from the steadfastness of his mind and despairs.
The two must be united so that each may always have the other’s support, so that both remembrance of the gift may moderate the pain of the blow and fear of the blow may moderate exuberance at receiving the gift. Thus the holy man, to soothe the depression of his mind amidst his wounds, weighs the sweetness of the gifts against the pains of affliction, saying If we have received good at the hand of the Lord, shall we not receive evil?"
We are quick to be bitter at God for any and all afflictions and sufferings, but we are slow to thank and praise him when all is well. Job reminds us that we should be thankful for both. I know today how bittersweet life is. The joys as well as the sorrows are all gifts from our loving God. The sorrows purge and cleanse me and I am healed. Thank you my sweet and loving Lord!! God bless all!!

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