St. Monica Parish

St. Monica Parish
Why I Pray! Jesus is present in the Tabernacle. He promised to never leave us and his promise is true.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Week of Easter - Thursday

Taken from the First Reading in today's Liturgy of the Hours - First Letter of the apostle Peter

"...all of you should be like-minded, sympathetic, loving toward one another, kindly disposed, and humble. Do not return evil for evil or insult for insult. Return a blessing instead. This you have been called to do, that you may receive a blessing as your inheritance."

Imagine this! A world where everyone loves everyone else, where there is no anger or resentment or jealousy or where each is trying to be better than the other but rather thinks the other to be better. Imagine what our highways would be like; imagine what our check out lines would be like; imagine what our schools and work places would be like. Imagine this!!

Keep this in mind as you journey through this one day! Give blessings to all those you meet! God bless!!

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