St. Monica Parish

St. Monica Parish
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feast of St. Anselm

St. Anselm writes about sin and the forgiveness of sin. We must first recognize the sin in our own lives before we can be forgiven. Most of us are blind to sin, especially our own.

This writing of St. Anselm was taken from a meditation in the Magnificat:

"Lord, it was so with me, and this is what you have done for me. I was in darkness, knowing nothing of myself, in a slippery place, for I was weak and prone to fall into sin, I was descending into the chaos of hell, for in my first parents I had fallen from righteousness into wickedness, which is the way to hell, and from blessedness to temporal misery for ever. The weight of original sin dragged me downwards, and the unbearable burden of the judgment of God pressed upon me; my demon enemies thrust vehemently against me to make me do other damnable sins.

"When I was destitute of all help, you illuminated me, and showed me what I was, for when I was still unable to see this, you taught others the truth on my behalf and you showed it to me before I asked it. The load that dragged at me, the burden that weighed me down, the enemies that opposed me - you cast them all back when you removed the sin in which I was conceived and born and its condemnation. You forbade evil spirits to attack my soul. You  made me a Christian, called by your own name, by which I confessed you, and you acknowledged me to be among your redeemed. You have set me upright and raised me to the knowledge and love of yourself. You have made me sure of the salvation of my soul, for you have given your life for it, and you have promised me your glory if I follow you. And when I was not following you, but was still committing many sins which you had forbidden, you waited for me to follow you till you could give me what you promised." Saint Anselm

St. Augustine said: "Late have I loved thee." For many of us, our love for Jesus comes late in life.
God bless!!

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